In recent years, interest in air sports, be they on an amateur or competition basis, has risen, attracting increasing numbers of fans to the skies of Achaia, since the area boasts numerous paragliding bases.  Paragliding enthusiasts staying at our hotel should not hesitate to visit the nearby mountains and enjoy their favourite sport in all its glory.

Kalavrita paragliding jumps are made from antennas at the Ski Center with their landing destination being the Valley of Lousoi or Kalavrita and the National Paligenessia Memorial. 

Recommended Sites:

- Santameri 
The site is a mountain range, 6 km long, 35 km away from Patras.  Between May and October, gliding conditions are ideal due to the thermal updrafts which develop in combination with the prevailing valley breeze. 
The elevation drop between takeoff and landing is 280 meters. 
An Air Sports Center in the area offers paragliding for beginners and experienced fans alike. 

- Skiadi 
It is 58 km away from Patras.  The elevation drop between takeoff and landing is 800 meters.  Between May and October, gliding conditions are ideal.  The site is also perfect for those wishing to do long-distance gliding whose record in the area so far holds at a noteworthy 50 km. 

- Panachaiko 
The site is 10 km away from Patras. May to October, the elevation drop between vertical takeoff and landing is 800 meters, under ideal gliding conditions due to the presence of thermal updrafts. 

For information and useful tips, please contact the Parachute Club of Patras 
Information: tel: (+30) 2610. 318.185 | website: