Sights - Discover Kalavrita

Kalavryta area brings together a large number of attractions of historical and religious significance and natural beauty.
The Vouraikos Canyon is among the Global Network of Geoparks, which was established under the auspices of UNESCO, and a geological monument of world heritage. This natural richness of the Greek geological heritage can be admired in a magical journey with the cog of Kalavryta. The Cave of the Lakes is also a work of nature worth to visit just minutes away from the town of Kalavryta.
In the Monastery of the Great Cave you can admire one of the four projects of the Evangelist Luke, the embossed image of the Virgin Chrysospiliotissa while Holy Agia Lavra Monastery holds the first place as a national-religious pilgrimage and is a unique historical monument.
The Museum of the Holocaust the historic Elementary school which houses the history and the memory of the 1943 drama in Kalavrita. The Place of Sacrifice is located a few meters outside the city, the sacred place where the massacre of Kalavryta took place.

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