Mountain biking

The non-profit organization NATTOUR aims to protect the environment and promotes the development of alternative forms of tourism, giving priority to cycling tourism.

NATOUR in cooperation with the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (EEPF), have developed the network of hotels and tourist destinations that are friendly to tourists-cyclists.

Our hotel has been integrated into this network and has received the special "Bike Friendly" brand, fulfilling a range of internationally recognized criteria (hotel criteria - criteria for tourist destinations).


You and your friends can organize many and versatile excursions on your mountain bikes following paths and forest tracks of the National Park of Chelmos – Vouraikos.

Experienced guides, with full knowledge of the special paths and the area, can organize the appropriate excursion for you based on your desires and capabilities.

The safety specifications, donning a helmet and appropriate protective accessories, are strictly observed in the organized excursions. The participants in these mountain-bike excursions are covered by civil liability insurance, and are provided with suitable bikes, maps and guides for the activity.   

Your excursion should ideally have been organized 2 days prior to your arrival in Kalavryta.

You can choose one of the following proposed itineraries for your excursion.  


Itinerary 1 Kalavryta - Agia Lavra - Kalavryta

MAP: Kalavryta – Monastery of Agia Lavra

Distance: 14200 meters

Altitude range: 270 meters


Itinerary 2 Foot of the castle - Skendjaika - Kalavryta

MAP: Kalavryta – Skentzaiika - Avlon

Distance: 12000 meters

Altitude range: 320 meters


Itinerary 3 Kalavryta – Mega Spileo – Kalavryta

MAP: Kalavryta – Kato Zahlorou

Distance: 21000 meters

Altitude range: 300 meters


Itinerary 4 Kalavryta – Kerpini stop – Kalavryta

MAP: Kalavryta – Avlon - Skentzaiika

Distance: 8600 meters

Altitude range: 40 meters


Itinerary 5 Ski center – Souvardo – Skentzaiika – Kalavryta

MAP: Kalavryta – Vrahnio

Distance: 21000 meters

Altitude range: 1000 meters


Itinerary 6 Kalavryta – Kertezi intersection – Kalavryta

MAP: Kalavryta – Skepasto

Distance: 18200 meters

Altitude range: 30 meters


Itinerary 7 Kalavryta - mines - Kalavryta

MAP: Kalavryta

Distance: 6000 meters

Altitude range: 250 meters